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Being a guest on Zapata peninsula

600_4983-s_wThe peninsula Zapata is a national park. But tourists are able to get special experience there. A hotel is in the middle of the national park. Every room is a separate wooden house on stalks. All houses are located around a bay. You’re able to watch many, many different birds nearby. The houses are well-integrated in the landscape. They even tried hard to hide the supply lines and the disposal line. No waste will fall in the water below the houses.

The hotel can be reached only via boat from Boca de Guamá. The motorboats need about 30 minutes for the transfer.  But, when you’re arrived, you’re in perfectly silence (beside the singing birds).

I’ll write another post soon dedicated to the wonderful birds on Cuba. So, don’t worry about having only two here in this post.

Stay tuned and while waiting for my next post in Cuba, you could have a look pack on my previous posts.

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