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A short visit in Paris

600_3616-bc_wWhen we were in Fourqueuex for visiting the  Fête Patronale, we had some hours free, to visit Paris. As I wrote in my first post for this trip last Tuesday, we had bad luck with the weather. It was constantly raining during our hours in Paris. But, nevertheless, I was on a walk with my camera. Even the walk was shorter than planed, I have some photos to show.

Some members of our group were shopping at La Fayette or Les Halles, others went to Sacré Coeur and Montmatre  and some sat in a restaurant most of the time.

I was very wet. It was quite warm, so a raincoat wasn’t really necessary to keep one warm. But, because of the rain we needed it. An umbrella comes very unhandy for a photographer. So, I went without my jacket most of the time, when the rain was only slightly drizzling.

At last we had a rest in the Carousel at the Louvre palais. Sitting in a warm and dry space and having a cup of hot coffee. While I had a second cup. my wife and a friend went window shopping and buying some nice gems.

Now, you have the opportunity, to see a bit of Paris too. Take a dry seat, get a cup of coffee, tea or any other drink and enjoy the photos. I crosslinked some of my other posts as a further reference.

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