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600_5114-e_wCienfuegos is a quite young city. It was founded in 1881. When looking on a map, you can see, that this city is built by following a plan. The avenues and the streets forming a pattern. This plan was set up for the rebuild (1825) after a heavy storm, that destroyed nearly the complete old residential area. 1829 the rebuilt settlement got the new name Cienfuegos, derived for the spanish governor José Cienfuegos. In 1881 the settlement received the town carter.

We only were a few hours in this city for visiting the theatre located at the Parque José Martí, a nice and big square. Even it is called “Parque” (= park), I’d call it a square with some trees and other plants. When talking about a park, I have another idea how it should look like. On one of the small sides, you can find an arc de triumph build by french settlers for commemorating their origin.

Opposed to the arc you can find a very nice building, the Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Duarte. On the opposite side of the square you can find the Cathedral de la Purisma Conception.

In my next post I’ll show you the theatre en detail.

So stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “Cienfuegos”

    1. Thanks, Roy.
      Yes, it’s a nice city. Clean and organized, but lacks the certain charm of Havanna or Trinidat.
      Here is much more to come, stay tuned.

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