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Walking around in Fourqueux

600_3499_wFourqueux is a small city near Paris, as I mentioned earlier. An, even it has a modern part, the older part is the more interesting. So, here I have some photos for you, taken in the older (upper) part of Fourqueux and the church.


This is the last part of this small series on my trip to Fourqueux 3 Weeks ago.

The other series, focused on Cuba, will go on for some more weeks. So, stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “Walking around in Fourqueux”

  1. Merci beaucoup! I have been exploring France for some time now. But there is always more to discover.
    Naturally, I am anxious to see more of Cuba so will be looking forward to those posts.

    1. Thanks, Léa.
      France is a big country. OK, not so big as Canada, Russia, China or the US. But, it’s at least bigger than one’s own backyard. So, there is plenty more to explore. 🙂

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