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Teatro Terry in Cienfuegos

600_5104-ec_wHere we have the theatre of Cienfuegos. It’s called after Tomás Terry, a very rich sugar cane plantations owner originally from Venezuela. It’s built at the end of the 19th century following the neoclassical principles, just like many other parts of the old town of Cienfuegos.

In a painting at the ceiling right above the stage in front of the curtain, you can find “1889”. I don’t know, if this is the finishing year or the founding year. But, having in mind the founding year of the town, 1881, this is a very interesting connection.

There’s room for about 900 visitors in the theater and it is still used i.e. for piano concerts. Although there are chairs in the parquet and on the upper floor tiers, the loges don’t have seats. I guess, that’s because there is no need for upper class loges in a communist country.

As I mentioned earlier, here we also had to pay an additional fee (5 CUC) for the allowance to take photographs. The entrance fee for the theatre instead was covered by our tour guide.

Come, take a break, and enjoy the architecture of a past epoch of glamour and glory for the rich and upper class members, but hard hand work for the others.  You can find this kind of architecture in many places in Europe. But, would you have expected to find it in Cuba? I didn’t!

Take care!

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