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In the old town


In my post last Tuesday I told about my walk in the park around the chateau. Today I continue that post by talking about the remaining time spent in the old town.

The town was founded back in the 9th century. Although it is that old there aren’t any remaining buildings from the medieval ages. Old documents show, that 1085 the first church existed. After several fires many parts of the town were destroyed. Even the church had to be rebuilt more than once. The current church was build back in 1842.

Once the town has had a surrounding wall. Today you can see remaining parts of the wall only in a short sequence, where it is used as a cellar wall of a house and in the names of two streets near the protestant church called (translated to english) upper wall street and lower wall street.

In the photo above you can see the two towers of the protestant church, the Christ Church. The catholic church, named after the virgin Maria, is not far away, but not in the photo. I guess, I’ll donate an own post for both churches, soon.

Have fun!

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