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Another sad goodbye

This morning I attended another funeral.
At a wonderful, bright but very cold morning we accomplished my coworkers husband, who passed away last week because of cancer.
I’m still very sad for her for loosing her husband. He only became 52 years old and passed away after a hard fight against cancer for about a year. He got his diagnosis last November, just 4 days before we buried our coworker, who also passed away because of cancer.
Starting shortly after the diagnosis he was undergoing a chemo therapy, but he dropped out voluntarily in May because of the massive negative influence on his feeling and causing many other health problems. So, the only substance he took afterwards, was strong medicine against the pains.
This time the funeral service was much different. I was very hopefully, because the patient was aware of his condition and he has had found peace and his certain place in the puzzle. So, he was able to plan his own funeral in detail, has chosen the songs to sing during the service and wrote prayers as well as intercessions. He even thought of our late colleague and his widow. He wished a resurrection service instead of a sad mourning service.  And he got it.
The main theme was Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”, which he loved. So he picked Annie Lennox’s song “Into the west” for his moving out from the funeral hall. A song, that fits perfectly for this sad moment.