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Walking through the jungle

600_6040_wHere are some photos taken in the forest and on the hills. While walking uphill we met a man coming down from collecting fruits in the forest. It’s a Guanábana (Annona muricata). It grows wild and the fruits are collected for their private use. A fruit can wight up to 4 kilos and tastes sour – sweet. Interesting, unusual, but ok. You can eat the soft, whitely fruit or drink it as a juice. But avoid to eat the poisonous black pits.

I’d recommend to hire a local guide to get the interesting plants explained. There is so much to see and you’d miss it, when you don’t have a guide pointing your eyes on it. We had a very talented local guide. Actually he was able to guide this tour completely in excellent German.  He even knew the German names of the plants and the animals.


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