2 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

    1. pour toi aussi, Léa: Bonne année et bonne santé!

      A New Year’s greeting card is always send in advance, to arrive at least at December 31st. My post was also meant to my friends over in Japan. They start early in the new year, so I had to post early.

      Here in Germany we have two greetings for this occasion. One is said (even days in advance) in case you won’t see or speak the other one not until the ned year. The other one, when you see or speak the other one first during the forest days in the new year.

      The one greeting is “Guten Rutsch” (good slide / slip) and means: have a good passing into the new year and is said as a good bye. It’s even said i.e. in the office when leaving for the Christmas Holidays and the one won’t come back to the office again, before the new year has started.
      The other half is “Happy new year” and is uses in conduction with the first one, in case you leave. When coming back in the new year, you only wish a new year. You can say it until approximately the Twelfth Day (fête des Rois).

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