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some cuban birds – part II

600_6872-ec_wThis is a continuation of last weeks post. There were so many different birds, that I split the post for not to overstress you with all the photos. And, as I wrote in my last post, I don’t the names of the birds, expect the cuban emerald hummingbird. So, if you know one of the names, don’t hesitate to use the comment box below, to send me the name.

In a following post I’ll show some more of the astonishing birds.

Take care!

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some cuban birds – part I

600_4960-ec_wEvery now and then during the last couple of posts I mentioned the cuban birds. I really love these colorful animals. All of the photos shown in the gallery below are taken in the wild, but without any feeding or bushwhacking. All the photos were taken by chance during hikes or in the trees and bushes beside the streets.

Unfortunately I don’t know all of their names. Maybe, one of you is able to help me out.

The egrets, hummingbird, grackle, pygmy owl and the falcon are easy to find. But the others are quite harder to find. So, if you know one of the names, don’t hesitate to use the comment box below, to send me the name.

In a following post I’ll show some more of the astonishing birds.

Take care!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – My treasure

20101019175455_0000-e_wToday we have Valentines day, a day to think of your beloved. Here in Germany we started to celebrate this a few decades ago. At first the flower shops were advertising to sell more flowers. Here we still have winter. Only very few flowers are blooming. So, flowers are expensive in this time. Even nowadays, when it is possible to get flowers from all parts of the world, the variety is still limited.

At the daily post, they asked the photographers to show treasure. What does it mean to me? In the context of Valentines day it means being with your beloved. Being in a wonderful place. Having time with and for each other. Keep you love young.

Take care!

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at a cuban public bath

600_7376-s_wWhat do you think, do they have public baths in Cuba? And if so, how do you think they look like?

As I mentioned before, Cuba is a modern country with stadiums and swimming arenas in the big cities, but how about the rural areas?

After paying your entrance fee you can have a nice afternoon swimming in the clean, fresh and cool water of a river surrounded by shadowing trees, some picnics places and even toilets. So, everything is available for a nice pause from your daily routine.

Although we were here during the dry season, there was enough water in the river, to be able to swim in the ponts and to have a shower in (small) waterfalls.


And, while having your rest and waiting for my next post, you might recheck the past posts on Cuba here in my blog. Take care!

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A hike at Las Terrazas

600_6958-s_wIn my last post I introduced you to the community of Las Terrazas.

Today I want to take you on a hike through the forests on the hills around Las Terrazas.  You don’t need hiking shoes or a backpack full of water for out little trip, but I recommend both in case you go on that trip yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s green here. Many plants are covering the ground. So, we found orchids, and many other plants, I didn’t knew before.

The most interesting tree is the tourist tree (Bursera simaruba). You can see it on the photo on the right. When in the sun, the bark becomes red first and than falls down, just like the skin of the tourists.  🙂

We also met many bird. I’ll put them up in another separate post.

Take care

and stay tune on, what else the forests hides.

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Visiting wisents

600_1388-e_wBecause of a flu, I was able to develop some older photos this weekend. In October 2012 I was visiting a wisent resettlement project about a 2 hour drive away from here, where I live. Wisents are an old, wild kind of rind, the european bison. Once they lived all over Europe in the big forests, but they were eradicate nearly everywhere. Only in some parts of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and so on, they were able to survive.

A few years ago, a peer got the idea, to get them back in his huge forests. Therefore he negotiated the conditions with the local government. Than he bought 13 animals from several parts of east Europe to form two herds. One herd was meant to be set free, while the other herd would be kept in a huge natural park to show them to visitors. This, because of the huge area the wild herd would be living in, and no one would find and meet them in the wild. Also, They expect, the wild herd to grow up to approximately 25 members and the captured herd up to 12 members.

My photos were all taken from the captured herd. The other herd was kept far away from men, to train them for a wild live. Any face-to-face encounter should be avoided, once they would be set free.

About 18 months ago the one herd of 8 members was set free, and at first they behaved as proposed, but then they made some problems in the forests: the eat the trees barks and thus destroyed many trees. Unfortunately, those trees weren’t in the peers forests, but in the forests of tree growers nearby.

Also, there were many unforeseen meetings between men (hikers, bikers and so on) and the wisents. No one was harmed. But, I can imagine, it’d be a strange feeling for people standing in front of such a big animal on a hiking path without any kind of fence in between. And there were many of such meetings reported.


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