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some cuban birds – part III

600_7172-s_wThis week I have another continuation of the series on cuban birds. I assembled some photos of different kinds of egrets I found in different parts of Cuba. In the gallery below you can see photos of Little Blue Herons, Tricolored Herons, Snowy Egrets and Cattle Egrets on the fields following the plough or cows and horses, hoping for an easy catch.

Most of the time, I saw them standing on the fields or in / beside the water hunting and fishing. Surprisingly, they were less shy, then those here in Europe. It was quite easy to come near (20 – 30 meters) without disturbing them. Also, they only flew a few meters before landing again. So, I don’t have any photo of a flying egret or heron.

In the photo above you can search and find 3 different egret species. Try to find them. It’s not that easy. One more post on the birds in the queue. So, stay tuned.

In case, you missed one of the previous posts, don’t hesitate to have a look now.

Take care!

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