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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


This weeks assignment at The Daily Post is “Reflections”.

This is a quite easy assignment for a photographer, but Ben wrote about reflecting you live. This is, thinking about the past, your past, your life, your current situation and the way you got to the current point in you life.

So, I picked this photo! Try to find some of the symbols inside.

Have fun!

(and try to think about your life, too)

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections”

  1. Good to see you embraced the alternative side to the challenge. Love the reflection, but I’m not sure about the symbols! Give me a clue? 🙂

  2. Have you got to this point by drinking too much wine, and now can’t focus properly? It’s a common position, and is often the best time to reflect on your life!

    1. Kind of, Daniel.
      In case, you drank too much, you’re unable to reflect your life. But, a small doses will help your mind to come to rest.

  3. Hmmm… Winter is coming. Or going (Cos it is upside down)? I’m not good at seeing the other symbols… But I do love the way you gave composed this shot and got the reflection in focus.

    1. Thanks.
      You have really good eyes. “Winter is coming” is on his tshirt and a quote from the game of thrones.
      Upside down is also true, because the seasons are opposite in the northern and the southern hemisphere.

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