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Tulips everywhere

600_8390-ec_wor weekday wanderings or afterwork photo walk.  🙂

Last year I was introduced to tulip patches here in our region and wrote about here and here. I knew about the tulip farms in the Nederlands, but wasn’t aware, that there are also tulip farms here in Germany. Friends of mine are living in that area, so I asked them to drop me a note, when the tulips are out.

I hope, you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. So, don’t miss the gallery at the end of this post.

As I mentioned last year, the tulips here are grown for selling the onions, not the flowers itself. So, they start mowing the blossoms at a very early stadium. As you can see, many rows of tulips are already cut. But, there were enough remaining tulips for some nice photos. So, you only have a very small time window, to go and take photographs. That’s why I went as soon as possible after work and didn’t wait until the weekend or better weather conditions.

I got the note on Sunday evening, that my friend found 4 patches. When I arrived at Tuesday afternoon, two of them were small and already cut down except a few remaining rows. I also saw here and there a few rows next to the streets. But, the other two patches were still in guid shape, although the farmer was already cutting blossoms with his mowing machine.

Enjoy the colors!

Take care!

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