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A hiking trip to Los Acuáticos

600_8178-e_wLos Acuáticos de Viñales is a tiny village at the side of one of the hills above the Valley of Viñales. The path to that village looks more like a dry riverbed than a path. It’s narrow, steep and stony. You really need solid shoes for that trip. And you need a local guid to find you way. Neither street signs nor direction signs will help you find this village. According to our guide, there are only about 12 people are still living in Los Acuáticos. 

The name was given to the village, when an old, wise woman lived there like a hermit. She was a healer and was assumed to be able to heal with water. In the rush time, there were 60 people living there. But now, since the old woman passed away several decades ago, more and more people moved away to find another place, where living is a bit easier. The remaining families are still farmer and work in their steep fields as you can see in the photo gallery at the end of the post. Continue reading “A hiking trip to Los Acuáticos”

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workers day

600_9405-e_wMay 1st has several meanings here in Germany. It’s workers day and used by the workers unions for demonstrations for workers rights, as in many other countries, too.

But, it is also a very traditional public holiday related to spring and fertility. May trees (usually birches) are erected in the middle of the town or village and decorated with colorful ties. Also, some houses are decorated with birch branches left and right the door. On April 30th traditionally “Dancing into May” are held. These habits are common for centuries.

Here I have 3 photos taken this morning (May 1st is a public holiday here, as I mentioned above) from our towns May Tree. The tree stands here the whole year, but is decorated with the wrench and the ties on May 1st. In other regions or town the may tree is erected on April 30th. There a also some habits around the setup. Usually it is made from a birch and thane decorated with birch benches.

This May tree also has labels with the logos of our town, the 13 neighborhoods, the dealers guild and a special label for our fun fair.

This morning a jazz band was playing dixieland jazz. A beer stand and a stand selling grilled bratwursts were also in place.

Do you have similar habits, where you live? I’m looking forward on you comments.

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