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Cueva del Indio

600_7910-s_wis a cave near by Vinales. For an entrance fee of 5 CUC you can visit the first dry part of the cave and get a boat transit to a flooded part of the inner cave as well as getting transported to  the exit by boat.

The ground of the cave is covered by plan concrete and equipped by a few steps. Some passages are very low and you have to pass them ducked.

Tha cave itself is washed out by water and thus quite interesting.

It’s only a short stop near the road for about an hour or so. I guess, you need more time for all the gift shops at the exit after leaving the boat, then for visiting the cave itself. Btw. you can even only visit the gift shops without visiting the cave. But, in that case, you have to find the exit on you own. Hint: look for the parking ground (located left to the entrance) and you will see a bunch of small log cabins at the caves exit. You can also find a bar for getting a refreshment right next to the cave’s exit.

Take care!

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