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Weekly Photo Challenge – On the move

This week’s assignment for the weekly photo challenge at The Daily Post is “On the move”. Cherry asked us, to focus on traveling. Otherwise, I’d have chosen another photo. But here is my contribution:

This photo is taken in Paris. For those of you knowing Paris well enough, try to guess, where I took it before scrolling to the answer.



It’s taken while going upwards to Sacre Coeur with the funicular railway.

You can find much more posts on Paris here in my blog. Check them out. Have fun.

Take care!


22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – On the move”

    1. OK, it’s also a kind of memory on Paris. But, not that kind of memory I asked for in my post.
      Be welcome Frizz.

  1. How come you can only “like” something once? I kept pushing that darn button to show you how much I like this but lost count. WOW! (I’ve got to go rest my finger now. Great job!)

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