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cooling down on Cayo Levisa

600_8510-e_wAs I wrote in my last post, it was quite cool on Cayo Levisa because of the wind after the storm over the sea. As you can see in the photos nearly no-one is on the beach and the wind brings high waves. Also, the palm branches are bent by the heavy wind.

Our stay here was planed for being a beach holiday with swimming, diving and snorkeling. Instead, I walked around wearing more clothes as during the last days and enjoyed the nature.

I attached a few more photos than usual in this posts gallery at the end of this post. I hope, you enjoy them.

Take care!

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10 thoughts on “cooling down on Cayo Levisa”

  1. If I were on vacation this is how I would like to spend it, on a deserted beach.The cold and wind would not bother me at all!

      1. I think I am. When we lived at the beach I hardly ever went down there during the summer months. But I would bundle up and stroll along the shore in wind and snow storms. Just love it!

  2. Stunning photos again! There was a tropical storm when we visited Cuba so some of our time was spent huddled indoors. We still thought it was a wonderful spot.

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