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At the flea market

600_0057_wTwice a year our town organizes a huge flea market in the inner area of the town. A few streets are closed and two big squares, usually used as parking ground, too. One sunday in May and one in October, I already  told about. It usually start officially at 6 a.m., but unofficially at 3 a.m.

In case, you want to make a bargain buy, you have to go very early. At least, before breakfast.

As you can see, I wasn’t so early at the market. But, I was there only for watching and for taking photographs. All I bought was an old leather suitcase to be used as a decoration for my people photography. My kids were lucky enough to find two 17″ LCD computer monitors as a replacement for their very old 15″ (1024×768) ones with display errors for only 10 and 17€  although they are rather young and made by Acer and Samsung. My wife bought a few things she could use for her memory work as a dementia attendant. As well as A4 prints of some of my photos.

The gallery at the end of this post ist quite large this time, because I want to give you an impression, what kind of stuff you can expect to find on a ‘good’ flea market. There are also some specialised kind of flea markets around, where you can i.e. find only books or computer parts or kids toys or car accessories (you got the idea).

Take care!

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3 thoughts on “At the flea market”

  1. We’re not big on flea markets around here but love the farmer’s markets every Sunday. Unfortunately, we usually forget it’s Sunday and when we do realize it, it’s too late. We like to think we’re spontaneous, but we’re merely forgetful.

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