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Düsseldorf Jazz Rallye

600_0531_wWhat’s that, you might ask.

It’s a weekend with lots of music in the old town of Düsseldorf. In many public places, pubs and restaurants jazz bands were playing. On Saturday, when I was there with my friends on our monthly photo trip, they were playing Dixieland. Some parts of the old town were very crowded, especially one place, where the Dixie band600_0366_w played opposite to one of the famous brew house which the old town of Düsseldorf is famous for.

At the same time another event was in Düsseldorf. Not far away, on the promenades along the river Rhine, a french weekend took place. Stands offering french literature, food, wine and art were set up to interest the passersby. And … huge fenced areas for playing boule. It seemed to me, they were holding a boule championship. So it was quite interesting to watch on both events.

Usually the promenades have a solid surface of tar and stones. But for the boule patches, they brought pea gravel the set up the boule patches. Only a small area was left for the passersby. But, it was still enough room to have a look. Although I said, it was crowded, it was much less crowded than it was here 3 weeks ago at Japantag. Neither on the promenades nor in the old town you got stuck.

Take care!

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