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Welcome to ..

600_6471_w.. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

This years destination for our carnival escape was Barcelona. While I just finish my series on a spanish speaking country, I start with another spanish speaking city. OK, literally the people here speak Catalan and not Spanish. All signs are first in Catalan, next in English and third in Spanish. So, it’s quite easy for a tourist to come around.

Barcelona is a very interesting city at the Mediterranean Sea. An old town with many interesting buildings downtown, some famous buildings planed by the genius architect Antonio Gaudi and some remains from the 1992 Olympic Games.

But, first things first. We arrived at Thursday night and took the public transportation from the airport to the inner city. It’s easy and interestingly cheap, compared to Germany. Buying a ticket valid for 10 rides, each valid for an hour or so inside the inner tariff area. Although most of the interesting points are reachable by foot, it’s sometimes quicker to take the subway or even a bus.

I attached some photos taken in Barcelona around Las Ramblas, the boulevard leading you from Plaça de Catalunya down to the harbor. Left and right of the street you can find narrow alleys equipped with interesting old buildings, many small shops and many other interesting decorations.

Feel free to walk around with me in this town and enjoy the photos taken during our one week lasting trip. Despite the season (end of February until very early March) we were lucky enough to have wonderful sunny weather, but with a bit of cold wind. Although this time of the year belongs to the winter, we were able to walk around wearing only a t-shirt and a thin jacket.

During the next weeks I’ll publish several posts on different topics in Barcelona. Come back and find out.

Take care!

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