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I’m back ….

600_3561-ec_w… from another island. This time I haven’t chosen an island in the sun. This time I went north, way north. This times destination was Iceland!
Iceland is a pretty nice island in the north of the Atlantic Ocean. A land with bright nights in the summer and extremely short days in the winter.
Iceland was found by the ancient vikings. They started settling the island in the 9th century, about 1.100 years ago.
The landscape in Iceland is very special. It is dominated by volcanos, glaciers and water. But in between there are beautiful sights.
Again, we were very lucky to get typical Icelandic whether most of the time and now I know, why the island is so green. Our temperature was between 6°C and 13°C (don’t forget, it’s middle of the summer!!!), often strong winds and lots of rain every single day. Our clothing, health and camera equipment was stressed to the limits. Luckily no gear was damaged, although it was sometimes hard to get good photos with lots of raindrops on the lenses or completely wet cameras. Nevertheless, it was a great experience with an extremely good and experienced driver and guide.
We visited volcanos and a high-temperature zone as well as rural areas and the capital Reykjavik, but we were also in the rough and unpaved highlands and visited some of the most impressive natural monuments. Stay tuned to see them too in a few weeks.
Last night I arrived home at 2.30 a.m. after being on the road for about 15 hours.
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Take care!