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Weekly Photo Challenge: fray

dsc_7489-e_wThe photo challenge at The Daily Post is called “fray” this week. What a contrast to last weeks theme.

I looked it up in a dictionary and found its meaning to be ‘fight in meaning of a battle’ or ‘fighting against adverse conditions’ and as well ‘damaged’ or ‘scraggly’.

I picked out a fight. A fight between the powers of nature: a heavy thunderstorm on the ocean. Luckily in a distance, for not endanger us. But, I love such a dramatic sky.

Take care!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: fray”

  1. I love moments like these. Love the beautiful slate-blues and silvery sun burning through that frayed edge of cumulonimbus cloud…very dramatic! Reminds me of a scene I saw yesterday on the sea at dawn; and as that storm lumbered forth, with the waves came sharks that surged after fish right onto the glazed beach…the sharks and fish were in quite a fray indeed; and for some reason, the surf-fisherman decided not to wade out like he usually would. 😉 Brilliant moment so well-captured here, and excellent manifestation of the word “fray.” Cheers,

    Autumn Jade

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