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Monochrome Madness 23

600_3740-ecdb_wMy contribution to Leanne Coles Monochrome Madness for this week is taken from my upcoming series on Iceland again, although I first picked another photo for this week. (click on the photo to see it enlarged).

Here you can see the glacier lake Jökulsárlón. In the background you can see the glacier Breiðamerkursandi. Every now and then huge ice blocks breaks apart from the glacier and fall into the lake. Slowly the ice blocks are pulled to the river Jökulsá á Breiðamerkursandi to flow into the atlantic ocean. That’s the shortest river on Iceland, while the lake is the deepest with 248 m and a size of 18 km². The river is only is 500 m long. Thus, the low tide is able to pull water out of the lake and this drift take the ice blocks along.

Soon, you can see here much more on Iceland. Not only in bw, but also in color.

So, stay tuned. Take care!

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dps Weekly Photography Challenge – Golden

dsc_5640-e_wThe guys over at dps asked for their weekly photo challenge for anything golden and gave several interesting examples containing objects colored from gold to yellow. Of course, the golden hour wasn’t left out in their examples. The golden hour also was the first idea I got, when I read the topic without having seen any of the examples.

The golden hour is the time shortly after sunrise and right before sunset. The more you came to the poles, the longer the golden hour lasts, or the more you come to the equator, the shorter the golden hour is. Here, in my area, the golden hour usually lasts 20 – 30 minutes. During the golden hour the sun stands low over the horizon and that’s the reason for these beautiful colors.

Often you don’t have any wind during this time of the day, because the sun is the engine for the wind. This is true especially in the mornings. So, getting up early pays back.

This is my first share for any of the photo challenges at dps, although I read their posts for a very long time every now and then for getting ideas and to enjoy the photos.

Take care!