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Monochrome Madness 31

600_3897-scb2_wToday’s photo for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness was processed in this quite antique style primarily last year, when I developed all my photos taken in Cuba.

In my opinion, this style fits wonderful to the old car in the foreground and the iconic metal decoration of Che Guevara, here at the Ministry of the Interior in Havana.

Take care!


An unexpected symbol

anniversary-1xWhen I checked my blog a few minutes ago, I got aware of a new symbol in the upper right corner, where usually a white star or a white bubble underlayed with orange waits for me and notifies me about likes or comments.
This time the symbol of a goblet got my attention. It was the notification of the 4th birthday of my blog.

Over the years I wrote 444 posts (this included). 289 people are following my blog here at and left 1,183 comments and much more left likes. Many others are also following and commenting on Facebook or on Google+, where my posts are cross-posted and there is an unknown number of followers via RSS. I also received some award nominations. Thank you very much!

Thus, I want to thank you, my dear followers, for your feedback and your loyalty. That’s what motivates me keeping this blog running and writing new posts on a regular basis.

Take care.