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I’m back …

600_2370-e2_w… from the beautiful Belgian coast in West-Flandern.

OK, those of you familiar with the Belgian coast might say – uhhh, ugly, all those high buildings right next to the beach. And they are right. But every now and then, there are big holes between the building rows, where you have natural dune areas. The beach itself is everywhere broad and equipped with fine sand.

Although we have fall now and weather is becoming worse. Hard rain and strong winds are preparing us for the upcoming winter with darkness, coldness, ice and snow. So, why going on a beach trip in this season? I love the ocean, the beach, the special light and clearness in the sky at a shore and the sound of waves, wind and seagulls.

Here we have a kids story of some mice. They all live together and work together. They are working hard during summer and fall to collect fruits, nuts and other seeds to stock them for the winter. But, one of the mice didn’t work. She sits around and watches the sky and the sun, listens to the birds, the bees, the crickets and the soft wind in the grass. During fall she also watches the colorful leaves. She was asked by the others, what she is doing. She was supposed to help collecting stocks for the winter. But, she answered, that she is working. She is collecting colors, smells, noises and memories. And when the winter comes, she is the one who is able to tell the other mice about spring, summer and fall. She entertains the other ones and keep their memories fresh. She also encourages the other mice to endure until next spring.

I also catch memories. I catch them in my photos.  Many of them are here in my blog. Feel free, to click back in time to see them. Nearly every single post has several of them.

Back to Belgium: I already developed a few of the photos. So, today I can show you some of them. I picked the most colorful ones for you and hope, you like them as much as I do.

All theses photos were taken during the last bright hours of the days. I started at about 6 p.m. and lasted until around 7:30 p.m with a sunset at around 6:55 p.m. Most of the photos were taken with a tripod and a ND-filter.

Take care and remember, there is always a sunny day after the stormy ones.

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