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A new theme

Today I changed my blog theme after 1,5 years.

Instead of ‘notepad’ I now use the theme ‘Abel’. I like a clear style with columns. And I also like having all those buttons below each post and always accessible for the reader. On the other hand, neither the buttons, nor the categories and tags should eat up notably room. The content is the main part of each post, and not the administration data and metadata.

As far as I can see, all the functionality is still there, but the look is fresher. Both columns changed position, to give more room to the content in the main column, when the browser windows gives the space.

What do you think? Do you like the new style?

Take care!

10 thoughts on “A new theme”

    1. Thanks, Lignum .
      There was a discussion on image size already. You can find it here:

      There are several reasons for the current size: first of all, I want the photos be loaded quickly, each of them is between 400 kb and 600 kb and the bigger, the more they grow in size and need longer to load. Next there is a limitation of space, when showing many photos, as I usually do. WordPress itself has an overhead for storing and managing the photos. Thus the size is a relevant impact. And finally it’s my weapon against photo theft. I know, some thieves use certain software tools to enlarge the theft photos afterwards and use them for prints, poster and other products, but they are of bad quality. Some friends of mine have huge problems because of these photo thieves and thus financial problems (a loss of income).

What do you think?

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