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Monochrome Madness 35

600_2312-he-scbx_wIt’s Tuesday afternoon and thus it’s time to prepare for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness.

Today I have a beautiful photo for you, taken last week in Belgium. It’s taken near sunset while low tide. As you can see, the off-running water left some poodles and moisty sand. Not much water, but enough to be a mirror to the sky.

For this photo I took two shots with a difference of two EVs. Although the sensors of current cameras are highly developed and cope with high contrasts and high dynamic ranges very good, they are weak compared to analog film or the human eye. I found a post on an Austrian web site on this, saying: While our eye is able to cover a range of about 14 f-stops, the (professional) SLR reach 10, high-quality Point-and-Shoot cameras 8.5 – 9 and a print only 5 f-stops. The dynamic range of analog film differs a bit from 8 to 10 depending on the manufacturer and the film type (negative film or slide film).

So, this technic (called bracketing) helps me, to capture the highlights as well as the lowlights. this means, I get, in this case, two photos covering the whole range. Now, the two photos have to be integrated into one.

First I developed both photos in CaptureNX2 (my RAW-Converter), made my usual adjustments and exported them to TIF. Next I assembled the two TIF-Files with HDR efex for not loosing any of the highlights or the darks. Here comes another export to TIF. Next I converted it twice with MacPhun Tonality Pro basing on different presets. Although I liked both results, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the results. So, I decided to add another step and made a pseudo HDR from both of the monochrome TIFs, by keeping the ground from the first conversion and the sky from other one. The last step was the conversion to JPG.

Take care!

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