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above the city and the narrow paths back to earth

600_7448-e_wYou can also visit the towers of La Sagrada Familia. Currently the church has 8 towers, four at the Christmas front side and four at the Easter front side. The plan is, to build another four on each of the other sides. These twelve towers will represent the twelve apostles. The next four will be set up inside the circle of the twelve and representing the four evangelists. All of these will be towered over by one middle tower, representing Jesus Christ. When visiting the church, don’t forget to exit the building at the Christmas side and have a look at the model, showing the church in its finished state. It’s really amazing. I included a photo of each of the four sides of the church in my gallery, although they aren’t good. The model is behind heavy mirroring glass 😦

But, back the towers. As I wrote above, you can visit the towers and have to decide for one of the two sides, when ordering your tickets. Beside choosing you entrance time while buying your ticket, you have to choose the time for entering the towers, if you want. We were extremely lucky to have chosen 9:15h for our visit of the towers. Later I met people, who were unlucky, because to towers became closed because of heavy wind. When we were there, the Easter side towers were closed, so we were on top of the Christmas side. The elevator is reachable from the outside. It’s a bit hidden and now signs led us in the right direction. So here is my description: Leave the building at the Christmas side and turn left. There you can find a quite smaller entrance bringing you to the elevator. It’s forbidden to bring a bag, rucksack or so with you, but they have lockers (with a glass front) to store your bags.

The small elevator brings up to four people to the top of the tower. You leave it at the bridge level (look at my photos in the post on the Christmas front to get an idea). On your way down you can change the towers at several places. The stairs are really extremely narrow, so a bag or a rucksack really would hinder you.

Beside interesting details, you have a fantastic view over the city and the beach.


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