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My year 2014 in images

Over the last years I assembled each year a photo book containing the best photos (in my opinion) of that certain year. Although I create separate photo books for the important travels, there are many photos left. These are taken on one of the roundtables, a photo walk or simply the best of a trip. These yearly books contain the essence of a year, taken from all 3 kinds. Usually such a book has 40 – 60 landscape pages, each with one big photo. I almost always choose landscape format books instead of portrait formats, because the majority of my photos is in landscape format. So, they are presented in the best (biggest) resolution, when I choose a landscape format book. The back side of this decision is, that those few photos in portrait format are printed a bit smaller, because of their orientation. Thus, I put two of them on one page.

I already assembled my 2014 collection and created my book. Now, I sieved this collection again and picked out the best ones. I created a slide show from these photos, that you can watch below. The resulting short film lasts about 1 1/2 minutes and has 14 MB in size. Thus I put it on an external web server to save space here.

I hope, you like it, despite it’s not perfect!

Take care and a Happy new Year for you all!


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