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Weekly Photo Challenge: shadowed

This weeks photo challenge at The Daily Post is called “shadowed”.


Take care!

(as always: click on the photos to see them in a bigger size)

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: shadowed”

      1. Perhaps the side you don’t see, what’s lurking behind the polished smiles… 🙂 Hehe, bit of an abstract take but it’s what popped into my head when I saw it, that’s the great thing about art, it gets interpreted in so many different ways.

        1. Hey, now it’s clear.
          Yeah, you’re right. Where light is, you’ll find shadows. And behind a VIPs shiny face, there also might be a hidden dark secret.
          You’re right. Art can be interpreted so differently and no-one is probably wrong. That’s the interesting point here in the WPC.

          1. I think there very often is a dark side to the reality of being famous. I love that about WordPress, that you get to hear all the interpretations too, it’s great to get some feedback and discuss things.

            1. I think so, too, about the dark sides of VIPs / artists. And, sometimes you get notice about the dark side of a person, when it is too late (i.e. Robin Williams last year)
              I also like to get feedback about feelings, opinions, positions and discuss them.

              1. Yes it’s sad when it happens like that, especially with someone so seemingly vivacious like Robin Williams. But you can completely see how, when it’s all bright fuss and attention one minute, then alone behind closed doors the next… I always wanted to be famous when I was little, I’m glad I never made it!

                1. I guess, you can live a better life this way. OK, they can afford a wealthier life, but I guess
                  much of their income is definitely pain and suffering compensating money i.e. to stand obtrusive paparazzi

                  1. Oh yes, paparazzi are the worst! My university was just off Bond Street in London, and I almost got run over by a barrage of tabloid photographers there once because Brad and Angelina were coming out of a hotel there. It looked like a nightmare for them.

  1. Effective composition. 🙂 Carries an ambiguous tone with many possible interpretations – the Shadow Archetype.

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