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Water, Go!

600_0992-e_wBeside volcanos, what do you think of next, when it comes to Iceland?

As I mentioned in my last post on Iceland, you can certainly find lots of ice in the form of glaciers. These amounts of ice are a result of the huge amounts of water, that rain down on Iceland because of its location as I explained in my last post. But, what is another result of rain and ice? Rivers! Many big rivers bring the water back to the ocean.

Because of the rugged landscape as a result of the volcanic eruptions and the constant and heavy upfoldings, that happened during the millenniums, you can find many, many waterfalls. Many of them are very impressive. I’ll introduce you to some of them here with separate posts.

Today I want to start with one of the best known waterfalls: Gullfoss, part of the river Hvítá. Luckily it still exists. There were plans to build a hydroelectric power station. But, thanks to Sigríður Tómasdóttir, the plan was declined. Since 1979 this waterfall is protected by law.

The average water throughput is, according to wikipedia, approximately 109 m³/s, during summer approximately 130 m³/s because of snow melting. This largest throughput was 2,000 m³/s while glacial outburst floods, called Jökulhlaup.

The waterfall consists of two cascades of 11m and 21m height. At the second, bigger cascade the river falls in a long and small canyon.

Take care!

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7 thoughts on “Water, Go!”

  1. I visited this waterfall in early but summer when there wasn’t as much water flow. It has such a palpable energy and looking at your pix the water is magnificent in its raw power. Gorgeous photos!

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