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spring is around the corner!?

Friday late afternoon, when I came back from a short trip through our winterly snowy white forest,  I found these little spring messengers: some already blooming crocuses!

610_0436-e_wYou can find them in different colors: white, yellow, blue, violet and probably some others too.

The photos below shows the other side of our current landscape. On Monday morning we have had our last heavy snow storm, that had severe impact in the commuting traffic: more the 400 km of traffic jam on the motor ways in our state.

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12 thoughts on “spring is around the corner!?”

  1. I am envious, I am near Toronto, Canada and spring is still a few blocks away and then around the corner. Enjoy!

    1. patience, Harlon, patience. We’re a bit ahead because of the positive effects of the Gulf Stream.
      Spring will come to you, too. Soon! 🙂

    1. We still have to wait some time for daffodils and tulips. But, hazelnuts and pussy willows are already blooming. Christmas roses are withered and I have to hurry, to find some of the still blooming snowdrops. I can’t wait for the sun to come back and warm us.

  2. These shots look a lot like West Michigan…except we have so much snow it will be awhile before the crocuses come out. Nice work.

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