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600_2132-e_wHere we have another waterfall, Sigöldufoss. As I mentioned earlier, the rivers get their water from rain and so on, or from glaciers. In case, a river gets the water directly from a glacier, you’ll find sediments in the water. Thus the water isn’t clear, but colored. Often the water from a glacier river is white. That’s, because all these tiny, dust-like particles reflect the light differently.

The photo on top of this post shows such a situation. Inside the canyon on the left hand, you can find a fresh water waterfall. In the pool below this waterfall, you can distinguish easily between the water coming from a regular river and those, coming from a glacier. The water near the exit on the left, you can see water in two different colors, do you?

Take care!

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16 thoughts on “Sigöldufoss”

  1. Oh, to have been standing with my camera and tripod where you were standing to take these!!! My appetite for that incredible world is once again whetted! The colors of the water are beautiful, yes, but I am completely transfixed by all the myriad waterfalls! Have a wonderful day in your beautiful world!

    1. 🙂
      My camera does not smoke, nor do I.
      It’s just the feeling of how to present nature as its best.
      Thanks for you comment, Liz!

      1. Ah! Figuratively …. I imagine there is so much beauty around to capture and your camera is getting that much use that it could get hot to the point of heat vapour …. :). Love these scenes you’re posting as I am crazy about Iceland in all her different seasons.

    1. Yes, it it. It’s a very interesting and diversified landscape. So many wonderful places.
      Thanks, for your comment, Truels!

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