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spring is coming :-)

Three weeks ago610_3113-e_w, I wrote a post with photos taken during a hike through the winterly forest.

Much happened since than. Although we have had another snow storm on Monday morning, it really looked like spring today. Yesterday, a sunny day with mild +6°C made me take my camera and have a little walk in one of our parks. Two years ago I noticed snowdrops growing there. But, at that day they were already withered. Last year I was too early and when I came back, they were also already withered. Yesterday I was there at the right time. In German they are called Schneeglöckchen (~little snow bells). They are usually the first blooming flowers and grow despite remaining snow. Crocuses are the next ones to bloom.

The other blooming plants in my photos are crocuses and Christmas rose, a small flower blooming during snowy winter.


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11 thoughts on “spring is coming :-)”

    1. You’ve chosen your home region very well, Léa. 🙂
      Unfortunately cold (and often snowy) winters are common here. One has to arrange with the common weather conditions 😦
      Love it, change it or leave it!?
      Fortunately men are unable to change the weather. ‘Leave it’ isn’t an option in case you have a job. Thus, ‘love it’ is the only option one has.
      And travel quite often to more lovely regions 🙂

      1. When I first visited France, I knew I was home. I do understand the options and the place of origin was not for me. I came home to France and have no desire to be elsewhere. 🙂

  1. Well, that’s the light at the end of the long and dark tunnel! Lovely photo. My crocuses have now opened. Waiting for the daffodils now! 🙂

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