Monochrome Madness 52



This week Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness is 1 year old! For 51 weeks wonderful monochrome photos from different kinds, places taken by many different photographers from all over the world, who also love monochrome photos, passed our readers. If you missed it, go and have a look.

While the theme usually is free, Leanne asked us for this anniversary, to send in our best photo of the past year and optionally create a gallery on our own blog.

For this post I looked through all of my contributions for Monochrome Madness and was very surprised about, how oft I participated during this year: During this last year I sent in 42 photos! Wow!

You can see all of them here or in the gallery below. (not in chronological order)

It was kind of hard, to select the best one. There are some, I like more than others. Some of them are connected to deep emotions, while others aren’t touch spectacular. But, which one is the best? Thus, I picked one of them, which I Iike most. It’s taken last October at the Belgium coast during the golden hour right before sunset. I published it first in MMC 35.

Maybe, you’re willing to drop me a note, which is the best one in your opinion! You can do it in the comment box below or in the comment box below a photo, when clicking on it.

Take care!



33 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 52

  1. I can see why it was difficult for you to choose one favorite. So many wonderful images. If I were forced to choose just one I think I would have picked the same one that you chose.

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  3. So many images, wow, it is great to see them altogether. I had the same trouble trying to pick just one, I ended up asking a friend. Well done, and thanks for being part of it.

  4. Wonderful gallery!! I love the sepia beach the best but I also like the girl on the tracks with the dirigible flying – so interesting- a story? also dsc 6653!!- but oh boy all of them are beautiful work!!

  5. A lovely gallery of work S. I like your chosen one the best but some of your seascapes and beautiful Icelandic photos are magnificent too… so hard to choose just one. Love them all.

  6. Such a great gallery of images, so hard to choose just the one! I like the picture you have chosen, its a lovely seascape, also the one of the kids playing in the tunnel is really cool.

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