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solar eclipse 2015

dsc_6899_wWow – although this wasn’t my first solar eclipse, it was very impressive.

My first solar eclipse was in 1999, when the moon covered the whole sun and only left a small bright ring. It took place in August, but the weather conditions were not good. But, it was still impressive. It became noticeable colder and darker and birds stopped singing.

This time, we only have had a coverage of about 80%. Thus, the effects were less dramatically, but still noticeable. Although we have hat beautiful clear and sunny days this week, yesterday began with fog and the whole day there was a gray structureless sky. Today the same 😦

Although we have had this bad weather, I was lucky enough to get a short view on the sun at the right time. Here in my area the eclipsing process started a 9:30 and lasted until 11:48. At 10:37 the maximum was hit. But, until 10:30 it was impossible to see anything from the sun over the clouds. Than it happened for about 10 minutes the clouds became thinner, so that it was possible the see the sun through the clouds. Though, it was impressive enough.

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8 thoughts on “solar eclipse 2015”

  1. I too witnessed the eclipse of 1999. We were on holidays in Wales and had a good view, but, like you, we waited and waited on Friday for the clouds to part, but had no joy. Still, maybe next time!

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