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Strokkur Geyser

600_1291-e_wDid you already missed it? Here it is! the big geyser, who is source of the name geyser.

Be prepared to get wet, when visiting it. Be prepared to watch the direction, of the wind. I really warn you to be very careful. When arriving at the geyser park, probably lots of people are already there and stand around the big pond and waiting for the next eruption. Every few minutes a huge fountain springs out of the pond. This is, because the water is heated up in the ground and the wight of the water above is so heavy, that the hot water can’t come up. Thus, it heats up to more than 100°C and the water pillar is about 25 – 35 meter high!

As I mentioned before, lots of people standing around the pond waiting for the next fountain as you can see in the photo above, but on one side, nearly nobody is waiting. Why? That’s not because of a bad sight, no, but because the wind blows the hot water from the fountain in that direction. And that’s why I said, be very, very careful!

Take care!

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