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Any problems with noise in your photos?

Have you ever had the problem with noise in your photos? This is a result of high ISO and / or very slow shutter speeds. You zoom into you photos and see those small colorful dots everywhere. Most current cameras already have mechanisms build-in, to avoid or at least reduce this. But, for the price of unsharp and slushy photos.

There is some software available to da a better job and preserve the structure while eliminating the noise anyway. Although, there is already such software around, MacPhun also offers such a software soon. Starting from April 16th, they offer Noiseless. Currently you can get it with a preorder discount.

Here you can get an early preview:

Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Any problems with noise in your photos?”

  1. Noise reduction is a strange area of digital photography. I use a mixture of plugins but working mostly in Lightroom now the noise reduction is pretty good.My rule of thumb is reduce noise until it is unobtrusive but the image isn’t flat. sometimes i even add noise to keep some texture in the image.

    1. you’re right, Ben.
      I don’t use Lightroom. It’s way too complicated and full of unnecessary stuff. I prefer the principle of “one job, one tool”, and not thus pompous feature monster, that no-one can handle or even tame.
      I gave it a try with version 3 and 4, but gave it back both time after a short time.

      1. I agree at first lightroom can feel like a mess and I felt the same. After watching some great B&H trainings on YouTube, it all started to make much more sense and there is a lot of power in simple adjustments.
        However editing is about what you feel comfortable with and what gets you results.

        1. That’s true, Ben. A tool has to be measured by the outcome (and, of course, the skills to use it properly).
          I was only looking for a raw development tool. I don’t need all the organizing stuff around it. I checked my needs we a friend of mine, who also is a Lightroom guru. After checking my needs and the kind of workflow inside Lightroom, we both came to the result, that Lightroom isn’t the appropriate tool for my and my workflow. (have a look in the menu under ‘Tech’ to have a sneak preview on my workflow).
          I started photography back in film days and I also developed my films and prints on my own. So, I looked for a tool similar to that process and found it with Capture NX 2, supported by several shell scripts for batch processing.

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