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610_3823-spc_wOnly a few sunny days are able to change the world. Although the calendar says, it’s spring, the nature doesn’t think so. The trees and bushes still don’t have leaves, but blooming time for crocus and snow drops is already over. Narcissuses are blooming everywhere, although their booming time also is coming to its end. But that’s all. The air is still cold and every morning the ice cover has to be removed from the front window of my car.

Last week we have had sunny days and Friday was, according to the weather report, the ‘hottest’ day of 2015 until now. Some regions got up to 20°C in the sun. Whoa!

The sun is the power, that is able to change nature. Yesterday, while I’m preparing this post, we have had a cold, cloudy and rainy day again, just like the weather forecast proposed for the whole weekend. (Although, today we have a cold, sunny day – what a surprise).  Temperatures around 10°C. Nothing is left from the sun and the warmth we have had last week. Enjoy the magnolia blossoms I photographed on Friday late afternoon 🙂

It’s a Magnolia stellata, sometimes called the star magnolia native to Japan blooming in white and a Magnolia liliiflora (variously known by many names, including Mulan magnolia, Purple magnolia, Red magnolia, Lily magnolia, Tulip magnolia, Jane magnolia and Woody-orchid) native to China blooming in purple.

While the star magnolia is covered by many blossoms, the purple magnolia only has a few blossoms until now. But, we expect to see more during the next days. I really like the magnolia blossoms, unfortunately their booming time is so short,

Take care!

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