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Landmannalaugavegur uphill

600_3232-e_wIn Landmannalaugavegur you can start for various hiking trips through the Icelandic highlands. Fantastic panoramic views to each side of your path. As you might remember, we were there around July 1st. But, we still found snow beside our path uphill.

The parking ground is at an altitude of 612m. Because of the weather conditions, we only made the small round trip, that led us up to an altitude of 706m, following a narrow path not wider than about 3 feet broad. Thus, you have to be very carefully, when someone else is coming downhill.

Everywhere you can see results of volcanic activity: fumaroles, obsidian rocks and tracks of sulfur. And, of course, a certain slight, but distinct, smell of rotten eggs.

While this post focused on our way uphill, my next post will introduce you to our way back to the parking ground. You can ‘see’ the parking ground in the photo above. 🙂 It’s just around the corner, behind the dark land tongue at the left.

Take care!

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