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Eos is the name of the ancient greek goddess of the dawn. She was assumed to be the summoner of helios, the god representing or represented by the sun. I don’t want to bore you with these old stuff, but I love watching her rise at the early mornings horizon.

During the last week I enjoyed her rise each morning while commuting to work. You know, starting from December 22nd the sun rises 4 minutes earlier each morning until June 21st and from June 22nd until December 21st the sun rises 4 minutes later each day. Midsummer and midwinter or summer solstice and winter solstice. So, I have had to wait for that single day, when being at the right time at this certain place.


I took this photo on Monday morning at 5:45.

ISO 800, f5, 75mm, 1/5s, hand-held, post-processing in Capture NX2.

I also tried a second software for post-processing: MacPhun Intensify Pro. Although, I’m very satisfied with the above results, I tried Intensify and was wowed by the results. I already knew, my camera has a very good sensor with a very good handling of the dynamic range in a photo.


610_4087-i_wIn my opinion the results by Intensify Pro are a bit more neutral and the darkness brightening is really remarkable. But, the gradience in the sky is, in my opinion, not so good. And, while bringing back the structures in the dark areas I also got lots of noise. Thus, I have had to give it to Noiseless Pro for eliminating the noise.

When looking on both results, I like the first one most, because it hat a way softer mood. The morning fog in the dales and behind the trees at the of the field ‘feels’ more real in my opinion. What do you think?

Anyway. Not everyone can use Capture NX2 and it’s discontinued, unfortunately. So, if you don’t have it already, Intensify Pro is a very good option. It really does a great job!

Take care!