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Landmannalaugavegur downhill

600_3333-e_wToday I have the second part of our hike in Landmannalaugavegur for you: from the fumaroles back down to the parking ground.

This part of our hike also led us through fantastic landscapes. As you can see in the images, the landscape sometimes looked as it won’t be from this world.

600_3353-e_wThese landscape not only are fantastic, they are also huge. Look at the single image I’ve chosen for the cover image of this post. See the ants hikers on the ridge walking uphill one behind the other. How tiny they are. I used a 400mm telephoto lens for this shot. So, you have an idea, how far the that part was away from me. The other photo below shows the whole valley. Nearly in the middle (shortly after 12 o’ clock) you can find the scene from the photo above. This one is taken by using a wide-angel lens at 32mm. The two small white spots are quite characteristic and thus easy to locate. They are just like eyes left and right of a long nose. Maybe the remaining parts of a buried troll? 🙂 You know, you can click on the single photos to see them bigger.

Take care!

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