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Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

This weeks photo challenge at The Daily Post is called “motion”.


When our youngest son was about 2 or 3 years old, he was addicted to speed. Not the drug, but fast driving cars or carousels / merry-go-rounds. Every time, when we drove on the motorway to my parents, he sat in the back of our car and called ‘faster, faster’. Later he used a scooter, a skateboard and now a moped.

There are more kids like this. Look in the photo above. How focused the kid is and how it tries to drive fast enough to beat her opponent to win the duell in this card box car race.

As long as they live their love for speed in a controlled environment and with the necessary care, everything is fine. But, never let them run in illegal street-races or stock car races without the necessary safety.

Take care!

(as always: click on the photos to see them in a bigger size)

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion”

  1. Your son would love the ‘Green Power’ races our school takes part in. Many of our students (from 12-16) take part in the maintenance and driving of our 2 cars and it gives great pride to the school as a whole.

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