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vineyards around

610_4439-e_wIn my last post I told you a bit about the Mosel region and the options you have for your visit.

Today, I want to show you some details of the vineyards covering every possible side of the hills. The source of the wine.

As you can see in the photos, the twigs of the grapevines don’t have their leaves yet. But, it’s quite early in the year. But, the advantage is, you can also see the ground and how the soil is covered by small plants or by slate pieces. The whole hills consist of slate. This brings a very distinct microclimate to the vineyards.

Slate is also traditionally used for covering roofs or facades of houses to keep the walls dry.

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5 thoughts on “vineyards around”

  1. I adore the vineyards which is a good thing as I am surrounded by them all the way to the Mediterranean… 😉 Ah yes, and then there is that lovely nectar, the fruit of the vine. C’est magnifique!

  2. Looks like such a pretty place. When the vines will be full of leaves, I am sure it’s even more breath taking. I love going to the vineyards around Cape Town…so quaint and green and away from the city.

  3. It is crazy how steep those vineyards are. I was looking closely at that..I don’t know what to call looked like a big machine for riding up and around that steep slope to care for the precious grapes. This is a cool photo essay of a beautiful place.

    1. Thanks, dunelight.
      That was my aim, to show a bit of the hard work for producing grapes.
      And, you’re right. This machine is used to bring the baskets with the grapes downhill at harvest time and tools necessary for taking care of the vineyard and the plants uphill during the rest of the year.

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