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Monochrome Madness 2-12



This is Burg Eltz (Castle Eltz), a medieval castle founded in the 12th century and expanded several times over the centuries.. This castle was never conquered or destroyed and it is one of the few medieval castles, which remains in their original shape. The castle is still owned by the original family, for more than 800 years now. If you want to know more, I’d recommend Wikipedia. Although the English doc isn’t as long as the German one, it is quite good.

When we have had our own currency, the Deutsche Mark, before getting the Euro in 2001, this castle was pictured on the back of our second highest value bank-note: the 500 DM bill.

Many visitors from many different countries were there, when we visited the castle. but, it wasn’t that crowded. I guess, that’s because travel season hasn’t really started yet. They have a very big parking ground near the castle. Either you have a walk through the forest, you can also walk along the street or take a shuttle bus for a small fee. We took the street for our walk to the castle. A very, very steep street of about 2 km down to the castle. For our walk back to the parking ground we used the other path, through the forest. This path is way easier, although not much longer. But, also the bus fee is quite fair.

The castle is built on a hill surrounded by other, much higher hills. so, it is quite hidden in the landscape. Usually such castles were set up on very prominent places to overview the landscape. They were set up to guard the people, to collect duties from travelers and traveling merchants. So, they were usually built near navigable rivers or important merchant streets. In this context, it is very surprising to find castle Eltz hidden in a valley.

This is my submission for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness this week. An image of a subject ‘fallen out of time’.

I also included some other photos of the castle in the slideshow below.

Take care!

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21 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 2-12”

  1. We visited Schloss Neuschwanstein a couple of years ago and I think this is just as charming, and much older, of course.. What a wonderful setting!

    1. you’re right, Fatima.
      This one is more than 800 years old, while Neuschwanstein was built in 1869. It was built as a dream come true for Ludwig II. He dreamt to be a medieval king. So, he tried to build an idealized medieval castle.
      Unfortunately, I’ve had bad luck with the weather, when I was at Neuschwanstein in 2012 ( Thus, I have to visit it at least for the 4th time 😦 (first time as a kid, second time many years ago and took photos on dia positive film)

      1. 4th time lucky! We were told about the dream behind Ludwig II’s idea and how much he enjoyed Wagner’s operas. The castle is a tribute to Wagner and the Art works are just amazing. I was very sad to know that he met such a tragic end. No doubt his Government had enough of his mad and extravagant ideas… I am convinced he was murdered.

        1. Neuschwanstein is not the only tribute to Richard Wagner. Several parts of Schloss Linderhof are also inspired by Richard Wager. The underground theater in Linderhof is even built especially to perform Lohengrin.
          Regarding Ludwig’s death, I’m with you.
          Today, the castles are still owned by the family Wittelsbacher and not the Bavarian government.

          1. Thanks for that. We haven’t been to Linderhof yet, but no doubt we’ll go some time in the future. Theay are all so beautiful and interesting: it is just like a walk through history.

            1. I personally like Linderhof even more, than Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau or Herrenchiemsee.
              There were even plans for one more castle Falkenstein (gothic style), a chinese inspired palace and a Byzantine palace. But, he wasn’t able to realize these plans, because of his disempowerment.

  2. such a beauty. We’re living not far from it, yet I haven’t made it there in the past few years. Where can I get more Information on the hiking options? It says from the parking lot it is a 15 minute hike up on paved roads.

    1. Thanks, Suze!
      That’s the way downhill, I mentioned.
      The other path, through the forest, is much more convenient and also have a few nice sights. But, I’d recomment following the stree to the castle and choose the forest for the way back.
      There are also 2 parking grounds near the Mosel. Although, we didn’t check them out, I guess, they are for a more distant hiking tour.

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