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Monochrome Madness 2-17


This week’s Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness is a themed post again, and the theme is “K” – simply the letter “K”.

While there are so many words in english, starting with a k, I didn’t get an idea for this week’s posts. You know, I’m currently developing my photos taken on Corfu. And, certainly some of them will be developed in monochrome. Thus, I picked this photo showing a big part of the old town of Corfu town. You might ask me, why I mix up “C” and “K”. Sorry, I don’t! Although, the town is well-known as ‘Corfu town’, it’s not their real name! The town and the island as well are named Κέρκυρα (= Kérkyra).

Here you can see the ‘new’ castle at the foot of the hill, the mediterranean sea, the tower of Ekklisia Agios Spiridon in the middle and the hills of Albany on the opposite side of the sea.

Take care!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

This week the Challenge at “The Daily Post” is, to find a photo of something or someone that / who inspires us. Something that is photographed quite over and over again. Something, we don’t get tired of photographing it again and again.

The word ‘muse’ comes from the ancient Greece mythology, where they were the tutelary goddesses for several arts: poetic, lyric, music, writing and so on.

According to Hesiod (6th century) there are 9 muses. All of them are daughters of Mnemosyne (the goddess of remembrance) and the greek godfather Zeus. Later, each of them got a certain art:

  • Klio = historiography (paper roll and pen)
  • Melpomem = singer in tragedy (mask with a serious face and sword)
  • Terpsichore = happy dancer (lyra)
  • Thalia = festivities for comedy (mask with a bright face)
  • Euterpe = lyric and flute playing (double-flute, Aulos)
  • Erato = lovingly, love poems (lyra)
  • Uranina = heavenly for astronomy (celestial globe)
  • Polyhymnia = hymn-ful singer (lyra)
  • Kalliope = wonderful voice for epic poems, rhetoric, philosophy and science (writing tablet and stylus)

My muse, in this context, is mother nature. Nature has sooo many different aspects. Especially the very special light around sunrise and sunset are my muse.


Take care!

(as usual, you can see the photo enlarged, when clicking in it)

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glacier run

600_6654-e_wAs I wrote in my last post, you can find lots of glaciers in Iceland. Thick packs of ice flowing slowly downhill. The landscape looks cold, but peaceful.

Near Þjóðvegur there is a huge plain. Although the whole country is quite empty nearly everywhere, this area is special. Beside the street you can only see rocks and black ground. Three bridges crossing three wide but dry river beds. At the edge of this plain you can find a parking ground with something like modern art and info signs explaining the plains and the art installation.

It’s not really art. It a remain from the last glacier run, a few years ago. The glaciers in the background became liquid and overflooded the whole plain, destroying the street and the bridges. The steel beams from the bridges were deformed. When the flood was over, two of these steel beams were kept and formed to this art installation as a memorial.

Our guide told us, the government would observe the glaciers very carefully to predict such a glacier run and to warn all people in the certain area by radio broadcast and text messages to the mobiles to leave a jeopardized area. The advance time is very short. But, the flood is extremely quick and dangerous.


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glacier land

600_6585-ec_wInside the name Iceland, you find the word ‘ice’. That’s not by chance. Many parts of Iceland are covered by thick ice sheets and the glaciers reach down to the valleys and even reach the ocean level as I showed at the lake Jökulsarlon.

But, you can see, how far the glaciers shrinked and pulled back their tongues as a result of the global warming. While the moraines right and left the former glaciers still exists, the ice itself is gone.

It’s really a funny experience, when crossing a glacier while the wind comes down over the glacier, it is really cold – way colder than the surrounding air.


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