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glacier land

600_6585-ec_wInside the name Iceland, you find the word ‘ice’. That’s not by chance. Many parts of Iceland are covered by thick ice sheets and the glaciers reach down to the valleys and even reach the ocean level as I showed at the lake Jökulsarlon.

But, you can see, how far the glaciers shrinked and pulled back their tongues as a result of the global warming. While the moraines right and left the former glaciers still exists, the ice itself is gone.

It’s really a funny experience, when crossing a glacier while the wind comes down over the glacier, it is really cold – way colder than the surrounding air.


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10 thoughts on “glacier land”

  1. Definitely on the bucket list. I hope the Tourism board of Iceland are paying you greatly for your beautiful photos to lure tourists to their fair shores lol 🙂

    1. Oh, Kaz. I wish, I’d get some money for my travels. But, I certainly get nothing but memories. 😦
      I also wish to go there for a second time. Currently I’m collecting ideas for a second trip to Iceland.
      For the meantime, you cloud have a look for an Iceland calendar: Traveling the South of Iceland
      ISBN 978-1-325-08000-7 and 978-1-325-07999-5
      Although, they are already listed i.e. at Amazon, it might last a few weeks, until they are available.

    1. Thanks, Lisa!
      Mother nature always has an idea for a second usage of such areas. But, the sensitive balance of nature is disturbed and we have to pay for the changes.

    1. You’re welcome! Do it as often, as you want to.
      The Icelandic landscapes are so gorgeous. I also look at them quite often.

  2. Really lovely lovely captures of Iceland Solaner ! I can imagine you are planning yout return it’s a photgraphers dream ,the people are so friendly, and the wide open landscape just pulls you in .. I’m looking forward to anothr trip come Autumn and the soft colours …

    1. Thanks, poppytump.
      Indeed, it’s a magical island. And, you guessed right, I hope to return to Iceland soon. I’m already collecting destinations and locations and assemble them into a tour. I’ll be mentally with you on your trip in autumn. And in the meantime, I’ll enjoy photos .

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