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Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

This week the Challenge at “The Daily Post” is, to find a photo of something or someone that / who inspires us. Something that is photographed quite over and over again. Something, we don’t get tired of photographing it again and again.

The word ‘muse’ comes from the ancient Greece mythology, where they were the tutelary goddesses for several arts: poetic, lyric, music, writing and so on.

According to Hesiod (6th century) there are 9 muses. All of them are daughters of Mnemosyne (the goddess of remembrance) and the greek godfather Zeus. Later, each of them got a certain art:

  • Klio = historiography (paper roll and pen)
  • Melpomem = singer in tragedy (mask with a serious face and sword)
  • Terpsichore = happy dancer (lyra)
  • Thalia = festivities for comedy (mask with a bright face)
  • Euterpe = lyric and flute playing (double-flute, Aulos)
  • Erato = lovingly, love poems (lyra)
  • Uranina = heavenly for astronomy (celestial globe)
  • Polyhymnia = hymn-ful singer (lyra)
  • Kalliope = wonderful voice for epic poems, rhetoric, philosophy and science (writing tablet and stylus)

My muse, in this context, is mother nature. Nature has sooo many different aspects. Especially the very special light around sunrise and sunset are my muse.


Take care!

(as usual, you can see the photo enlarged, when clicking in it)

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse”

    1. Thanks, Emilio.
      During fall we have thick fog sometimes. In spring and fall we sometimes get these beautiful mist in the early morning, depending on the very distinct weather conditions.

  1. I love the misty pink shot of the windmill. We have plenty of wind farms in Texas and when we see fog we usually crash into each other or the crazy roads. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kerry. You have to drive slowly and very carefully when it is foggy. It’s often here the same. Sometimes, it seems, people have the X-Ray view of the Man of Steel (Superman), because they drive so hilarious fast.

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