Thunderstorm results

While I wrote yesterday about my assumptions on emergency missions for fire brigades, I now have confirmation by the newspapers and the news on TV for nearly the whole country. Many trees were broken by the storms with speeds up to 133 km/h. Several tornadoes have been running over the land. Railroad tracks were hit by fallen trees. Broken trees have to be removed from the tracks and the electric overhead wiring has to be repaired. Hail storms with huge hailstones – up to 9 cm diameter in one region – destroyed many cars, roofs and roof-lights. Several people, horses and cows died outside, because of lightning strokes.Some streeets and cellars were overflooded from the heavy rain. All these storms lasted until Sunday night.

And today: only 15°C, but dry and sunny.

But, now the air humidity is very high and the air inside the houses is muggy. It will last several days to cool the houses down again.

The forecast says, it will become hot again. And Wednesday evening the next thunderstorm is expected to arrive.

It seems to me, the monsoon belt moves way north 😦 because of the global climatic changes.

Until now, we only got 3 days when we were able to sit outside until at least 10 p.m. Is this a summer? No, I don’t think so. 😦

Take care!

Btw. the ‘official’ temerature record was 40.3°C (104.54°F)

17 thoughts on “Thunderstorm results”

  1. 40 degree must be insanely hot! Gosh…Today in the Netherlands is bit cooler – 22 degree C..I like this temperature better, but yeah, 15 degree is bit too low for summer 😦

    1. You’re nearer to the ocean, which brings fresh air.
      I’d have assumed, you’d be used to hot temperatures because of your origin in Indonesia. But, I guess, the climatical situation is completely different. Not only the temperature.

      1. Today drops to below 20 degree 😦 Yes I was used to daily warmer weather but only until 33 degree 😀 😀 – European summer could be hotter than Indonesian tropical weather 😀

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