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Monochrome Madness 2-19


Here we are again: driving  around on Corfu, stopping every now and then for having a look and taking some photos.

You can find thousands of olive trees on Corfu. This ist not so special, because this is true for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, the Greek mainlands and other countries around the Mediterranean Sea as well. But here, the trees are very old and big. Many of the forests were planted back in the 13th – 15th century, when Corfu was part of the Venetian Republic. (I already wrote about this in one of my last posts).

In this forest, the treetops aren’t too thick. They still let some light come to the ground. So, many other plants are able to grow here. I also like the light-patches on the ground.

Do you like such monochrome photos, too? There are much more to explore here and at the blog of Leanne Cole, an Australian photographer from Melbourne. She organizes Monochrome Madness, a weekly event for lovers of monochrome photos, now running in the second year. Check it out!

Take care!

Btw. as always: click on the photo to see it in a higher resolution